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By:Christopher Bonatis      Fright Friday; Toy tragedy

“Ha! Ghosts?” Lisa tortured Daniel. “What kind of person would believe in ghosts? You little twerp!” Daniel had enough of her teasing. “What kind of person likes to smell like a muddy pig?” “Gasp! You… Take…. that… back, Daniel!” But Daniel stomped up to his fairly small room.  Daniel stared at his calender. “It’s Friday! My favorite day!” Knock, knock, knock! “Come in!” Daniel yelled. Dad walked into his room sternly. “Daniel, did you say Lisa smells like a pig? You need to control your temper!” Dad stated. Daniel didn’t answer. Instead, he pulled out a book called, ”The Thing’, ignoringly. Dad left the room.

The first page read,             Don’t read out loud!

Daniel read at the op of his voice with a smirk. He read, ‘The thing is a creature we must not speak of! And if you didn’t follow the message above, your possessions have been cursed!Through your door, the thing will burst! At midnight it will be a horrible sight! You’d be lucky if it doesn’t bite. Beware of this book you are reading!’ That was the only page. “What a boring old book! Is this supposed to be scary? It’s sparkling with boringness!” It was nighttime. He turned out the light and got into bed. His room gets pitch dark at night.

He heard a tap on the window. Tap, Tap, Tap! Daniel overheard footsteps. He hid under the blanket. Crrreeeekk!  The closet slightly opened. Daniel’s little ears heard loud breathing. Someone or something was walking up to the bed. The creature took Daniel’s favorite pillow out from under his head. He opened his droopy brown eyes.

“Aaaaah!” A small, furry, elf-sized creature was sitting on his bed! It had a snout, black eyes, and a creepy grinning mouth. Daniel turned on the light. Just his stuffed animal bear, Mr. Fluffltins. But the mouth quickly moved. “Get out of my face!” Daniel froze. “So, I’ve heard your family doesn’t believe in ghosts! Huh?” Daniel barely nodded. “Now tell me, what is your sister’s worst fear?”

Daniel tried pushing Mr. Fluffltins off the bed. It didn’t budge but it felt like it was being held there. Daniel pulled it up and revealed an arm. “Just as I thought! Lisa!” “Ha!” She replied. “You were scared to death! You should have seen the look on your face!”

But the bear got onto it’s feet and stood there. “Lisa… Stop it! I know you’re doing that!” But Lisa was at the door. “That wasn’t me!” She stuttered. “Hey Lisa! I heard you don’t believe in ghosts!” A voice found it’s way out of the teddy bear. Lisa started muttering, “No such thing as ghosts! No such thing as ghosts!”

The bear opened it’s mouth. Razor sharp teeth appeared in there. “It’s dinnertime!”



By Christopher Bonatis                Mall Lock Down

My Dad, Sister, My Mom, and I were going to the mall. We were getting new shoes! We were going to a mall called Sunshine Shore (Sometimes that is hard to say. Tongue twister!) Sure enough, the climate is very stormy in that area. I got shoes that bounce a lot and my sister got Twinkle Toes. After that, we got an ice cream. It started storming outside.

All of a sudden, the power went out! I couldn’t see anything. I couldn’t identify where I was going. I heard my ice cream splat on the floor. I also heard the footsteps of everybody walking out the door. “Is the mall closing?” I asked myself. My eyes adjusted to the darkness. I was the only one there! I ran for the door It was locked. Lightning struck twice! A shiver climbed up my spine.

I ran around the mall trying to find an unlocked door. When I realized that every exit was locked, I tried to fight back the tears but they just kept coming!  I sat on the floor when I heard my stomach growl.

“I was so scared that I didn’t even realize I was hungry!” I went to the escalator. The power went out so it didn’t budge. I walked up anyway. I was then upstairs which is where the food court is. I walked into the pizza shop. No pizza was being made. I went to the ice cream stand. It had all melted. I tried the pretzel stand. The pretzels were soggy and cold. “You know, I bet my parents really miss me!” I reasoned with myself. My stomach growled again.

An idea popped into my brain. If the power was out and it was storming… I rushed to find a plug somewhere in the mall. I found three in the karate store. My idea then faded away from me. “It wouldn’t work. I can’t even get outside!” But then I got another idea. “The vents!”  I opened up a vent and squeezed inside. I went through some crazy mazes but soon I found out on vent tunnel led to the roof top!

I left the plug there and then crawled back down. In an hour, another strike of lightning came down towards the roof and it must have been near the plug because the lightning’s electricity powered everything by moving through the plug! It only worked temporarily though. It only lasted for ten minutes then the power wouldn’t turn back on until there was more lightning.

Now that the power was on, the kitchen had everything set for me! The pretzels warmed up but the ice cream wouldn’t freeze again. As soon as I finished the pretzel, I went to sleep on the ice cold floor. Soon, the lights turned out and the lightning stopped. I fell asleep right away!

In the morning, I was woken up by some man nudging me with his cane. “Hey kid! Wake up!” I opened my eyes. “Were you here all night?” “Yes. I was locked in when it closed!” “The night shift people didn’t see you?” I widened my eyes in disappointment. “You mean this whole time someone could have found me and taken me out of the mall then brought me to my parents!?” I was a bit mad. The mall opened and my parents were the first customers to come running in. My Mom had tears in her eyes. I ran over and hugged them. My Dad started smiling. “We missed you, Bud! We were going to the car then we realized you weren’t with us! We ran to the mall door but they wouldn’t let us back in!” I didn’t even notice Dad talking. I was too happy to see my family. We drove home in our Mustang and I told them everything. I noticed something. “Hey, Where’s my sister? did we leave her at the mall now?” Mom and Dad looked at each other. They had already driven five hours worth of driving away from the mall. “Uh-Oh.”


The Midnight Forest

 By Christopher Bonatis

The forest is invisible in the daytime. At 12:00 midnight it comes alive

“Bye mom!” said Natalie. She was very excited about the girl scouts camping trip to the Midnight Forest.  She rode her bike to meet up with the scouts. “Is it just me or did it just get dark here?” she said out loud.

Natalie looked behind her.  She stared in terror as some black, Furry, Human shaped thing that she could hardly see popped out of the ground and pulled her bike back down with it.  Suddenly, it popped right out again, this time the creature started moving toward her!

She took a very quick glance at her watch to see that the hands were spinning really fast.  The hands suddenly stopped to show 12:00 midnight. She looked back at the creature that was closing in on her. Natalie could only now see better of what it looked like.  It was very dark black with burn colored fur for its tail, it had two clawed feet just like a human without the clawed part, and it had sharp claws also with the sharpest teeth she had ever seen.  Then she was never seen again.

“That is a true story you know,” said the boy scouts leader. A boy scout named Fred raised his hand.  His hand was shaking so much that it was like his hand was his pet Chihuahua.  He started shouting, “hello, I’m raising my hand here!” “Yes?” said the leader.  The shaking boy scout asked, “was that actually a true story, or are you just trying to scare us?” “Indeed it is true”, replied the leader. “In fact, we are going to camp at that place in the story tomorrow from 9:30 PM to 9:30 AM.  It’s called Midnight Forest. Some rumors say that in the day time midnight forest disappears and at midnight it comes back.” “So that means we need to do it at midnight,” interrupted George who was another scout.  “But in the story, the monsters come at midnight, didn’t they?” asked Simon frighteningly.  “Monsters aren’t real!” said Greg. “We’ll see about that,” said the leader. “Carlos is the newest scout. Maybe he can answer our question. Do you believe in monsters Carlos?” asked Greg. Carlos, with black short hair, green eyes and as skinny as a crane, didn’t say a word.

Later that night, Carlos was getting ready for his very creepy but very amusing trip to Midnight Forest.  He loves to be scared and thinks it will be really fun! Carlos thought about the fact that he needs to start packing.  He packed a black tent with a picture of a ghost on it, shorts and t-shirts, jumbo marshmallows, and bug spray.

He checked his cell phone for messages to find one which was sent to all of the boy scouts. He read it excitedly. It said: “Bring Buffalo meat for monster bait.”  “What is that supposed to mean?” he thought. It’s probably just a prank to scare us.  But he just packed the meat anyway. “Where is our Buffalo for tomorrow night?” Mom yelled out loud while looking in the refrigerator.  “I am using it for boy scouts but I promise I will buy twice as much for your dinner with my own money tomorrow before I leave to go to the trip,” persuaded Carlos.  “Ok,” replied mom who was now very calm and went along with it.

The next day Carlos overslept.   He woke up at 1:00 in the afternoon.  While it was the night Carlos watched TV until midnight.  Then he put on a red shirt and went outside watching as the scout car drove into his driveway.

He got in the dark blue, old but shiny jeep and said his
hello’s to all of his friends.  They drove for a very long time and had to stop once in a while to pick up other scouts. It got crowded in the jeep soon so they had to stop and arrange everybody seats. They ran out of gas the second they got there. WEIRD! Carlos got out of the scout car and looked around thinking that a prank would appear out of nowhere.  No luck.  “Now,” said the leader.  “I thought in the car that since the forest disappears in the morning we can’t sleep there.”  “We can see what happens if we sleep there when it disappears!” shouted Greg. Greg was hoping to prove it was just a myth that Midnight Forest disappears.  “Good idea! it’s risky but it could be a great experience!” Said the leader thinking Greg DID believe in it.  Carlos was the most excited one.  Suddenly a whole bunch of tiny purple round creatures with a lot of shiny sharp teeth came sprinting toward them.  A couple of them jumped and scratched some kids but others only surrounded them.  “Well, at least only two scouts are injured,” said the leader.  “Are you crazy? That is not good at all!” yelled Carlos.  More round little creatures came.  More, and more, and more, and more.  Soon they were surrounded by millions of little creatures.  They all jumped at one 13 year old boy named Christopher.  He threw some of them off but then Carlos took a baseball bat out of the car and yelled, “Batter up!”  He swung the bat hitting them all off.  “Home run!”   Jaden screamed. Jaden was another boy scout and a good friend of Carlos’.  Carlos started running as if he were running for a home run but at the same time running away from those strange small creatures.  He ran deep into the forest.  The sky then turned from light to dark in a blink of an eye.  He couldn’t see at all so he turned around and went straight.  He bumped into a tree really hard and got dizzy.  He got up and forgot which way he came from.  He went to the left hoping it would get lighter and also hoping he would be going the right way.  Five minutes later it did get brighter and he did get out of midnight forest but it was the wrong place.  He looked up.  There was no sky. Just DIRT! Bottoms of grave stones popped out from the dirt sky.  It got very loud.  He turned around and ghosts were everywhere.  Was it really true?  Did I somehow run into the ground right under a grave yard?!  He asked in his mind scared. He decided to explore a little and see if there was a hole to get out. If he got in then there is definitely a hole to get out. But he couldn’t find one. How did I get in? Carlos thought. He heard many noises and music down here as if there was a party. He had a great idea! He followed the sounds and they led him to a giant brown room. Skeletons were sitting down and having tea, dancing, chatting, and many times they would throw their tea cups at the wall and watch them scatter. Once in a while they almost hit Carlos. Carlos decided to ask the skeletons where the way out is. “Excuse me sir but do know a way out of here?” Carlos asked. The dirty skeleton’s bones made HIS bones chill. The skeletons seemed friendly but it is the second scariest thing he has ever seen before! “I’m sorry boy, I don’t know. I haven’t been up on land for hundreds of years! But what’s your name?” The skeleton asked. “Carlos,” the young boy answered. “I am William Shakespeare, nice to meet you!” Carlos felt special to meet William Shakespeare even if he was dead. “How did I appear under here anyway?” I asked. “I was wandering in the forest and I saw light. When I went toward it I ended up down here.” “Ah! I know what happened,” Supposed William. “You may have died. The light you saw was your path to heaven while your body came down here to live with us!” Carlos was horrified! “You mean- I’m not alive?” The brown room with dim light and black floors now seemed like home. He wasn’t sure why. He just thought it was comfortable. “Well, Nice meeting you Carlos!” William said kindly. Carlos said his goodbyes and got another plan, the easy way. Carlos jumped up and hung on to a tree root.  He started digging in the dirt ceiling up to land to make a hole.  He started climbing out.  A ghost arm started pulling on his leg. Carlos kept trying to kick the ghost to scare it away but his foot went right through the ghost. The ghost suddenly started whispering in a slow voice, “be warned of the dangers above ground, especially when you are already dead!” But he finally forced his leg out.  All of the ghosts started flying into the sky and disappearing.  A vampire came out of the hole.  “Aaaaaahhhhh!!!” Carlos screamed.  The Vampire screamed when he saw Carlos as well. “Oh, Just a human. Don’t worry kid,” said the vampire.  “I don’t like to drink human blood.” “Do you know how I can get back to the parking lot near midnight forest?” Carlos asked.  “I can’t tell you but I can take you there,” answered the vampire kindly but with a sly grin.  “Just follow me.” Carlos followed the vampire around the forest and then right through the middle. Once in a while ghosts would try to pull him into the ground and whisper that same creepy sentence. The vampire always told the ghosts that Carlos was a friend of his and the ghost arms would go away. They kept turning left every time a ghost came. And after that, they turned left and got there.  The sun only showed there.  The vampire started disappearing in the sun light. “SUNLIGHT!” The kind vampire shouted. Carlos wanted to save him for the vampire’s kindness but there was nothing Carlos could do!  Soon there was nothing left but a big puddle of water and clothes lying on the ground.  Carlos picked up an amulet found in the vampires shirt and put it in his pocket.  “I discovered a haunted house hidden in the forest,” Said the leader of the troop 35 boy scouts.  Carlos then took the vampire suit that was lying on the ground and put it on over his shirt to make himself look like a vampire. “I can trick the scouts to think I am a monster!” Carlos thought.  He then noticed the amulet was attached to a necklace.  He put it on.  Pain filled him as his two top middle buck teeth turned into long sharp vampire teeth. Carlos also noticed that he had a strange craving for a drink for vampires. As he took off the amulet and suit he didn’t change back to normal he just put it on again wondering what just happened.  He was then a vampire forever.  Even when he took his suit off he was a vampire.  He thought it was a joke.  He thought the whole trip was a joke.  But sadly, he finds out the truth of what they call Midnight Forest.

When they were roasting the jumbo marshmallows he packed, Carlos thought about the time.  He looked at his watch then noticed his watch froze on 12:00.  He thought about the ‘true story’ he heard from the leader when monsters didn’t appear until 12:00.  Carlos’s stomach churned. “It’s probably just a joke,” he thought. But still, his awareness got to him. Frightened, He looked around to see if they were alone. A big noise like a tree being struck down by an ax filled Midnight forest. Holes started appearing in the ground. Soon every scout noticed. They were all scared but the leader looked the most scared among all of them! A transparent arm jumped out of the ground and stole Greg’s marshmallow. Greg stared in disgust as the hand went into the ground with the marshmallow and a “burp” and “mmmmm” sound came from the ground. “MONSTERS REALLY ARE REAL!!!” cried Greg being proven wrong. Soon the monsters weren’t afraid to show more than just they’re arms! Ghosts started coming out of the ground and grabbed the scouts! Fred looked at his watch, “It really is 12:00 in the night! The story is true!” The ghosts mostly went after Carlos saying what the first ghost had said back at the graveyard. Some scouts heard it but they didn’t understand it. Carlos had a strange craving to bite the scouts with his new vampire teeth but his teeth went right through everything they touched. The marshmallow started to drop right THROUGH his hand! He thought maybe his vampire part of him turned him into part ghost! Carlos was not happy with this thought. Could he be transparent? He looked at himself. He wasn’t. Relief hit him. Carlos fell over and instead of hitting a tree he went right through it. Carlos was freaking out now! He suddenly got an idea to hide his monster part of him from the scouts. He remembered a book he once read said that vampires can change they’re teeth to human teeth to make people think they are humans.  He did that so nobody will notice he was a vampire. “Thank goodness to Fiction!”  Carlos thought if he bites his fellow scouts then they will be a vampire than he could be aloud to show that he is one. It wasn’t a good idea at all but his vampire senses took over him.  Carlos got thirsty, blood thirsty! Carlos was ready for a blood slurping drink. Carlos caught himself. I want to be human! Again, the human part of him was powerless. He wondered how to drink blood. He caught himself again but he wasn’t in control. Carlos knew he could turn into a vampire bat from that vampire book called “Vampire twilight” so he did it.  He was small enough to squeeze out of the ghosts arms which were trying to grab him and pull him underground. Carlos was starting toward the scout leader.  He slowly flew to the back of the leader with his bat wings (Which he had to admit were pretty ugly).  Carlos changed back into a regular vampire then bit the scout leader. He couldn’t help himself. You wouldn’t be able to control it! Carlos tried to stop but he was weak. The leader then changed into a vampire. His new monster instincts took over him before he could fight back. Carlos and the scout leader inadvertently bit everybody else and changing them into vampires.  The ghosts tried to grab everybody again but they went right through everything. They’re arms went right through us! Carlos knew ghosts can’t be in water because they would start melting so he started running to jump in the water for safety but even in there he wasn’t safe. Carlos jumped in the water and swam to the middle of the lake not even caring about alligators or crocodiles.  A strange dragon looking creature in the water flopped onto land. It had flippers, slippery scales, and a long neck. It smelled of dead fish.  An 8 foot fin came toward Carlos but he stood there frozen staring at the fin coming towards him. “Could this be the end?” He thought. The thing started standing on top of the water on two feet and two flippers in the front.  It looked like the lock nosed monster just it was a bit bigger than the size of a human.  It jumped onto land with the mother lock nose monster.  Something swam around Carlos’ waist.  He couldn’t see it because the water was completely black.  It started tugging on his foot. Carlos would’ve been drowned if it weren’t for this new creature. There was a werewolf howl.  The water started moving which shows the creature was moving away. The werewolf came into the lake. Carlos was frightened. But the werewolf just saved me from drowning. “You are not safe in the lake, kid.” It growled. “Th-th-thank you for saving me from that- thing,” Carlos said shuttering. “No problem but if it weren’t for the past history I would have eaten you. Be careful in Midnight Forest. This isn’t safe for puny humans like you. But if you find a Centaur, You have good luck. Look for a Centaur to guide you and you will only then be safe,” the werewolf informed. Carlos knew that he wasn’t human anymore but he went with it. He is brighter than to argue with a snarling werewolf. “I have a question though,” Added Carlos. “What is it?” asked the Werewolf. “Do you turn back into a human in the day time?” “I sure do. Sometimes I turn into a dog though.” He did half growl and half laugh. The ghosts dived into the water to get Carlos and they all quickly disappeared. The Werewolf finally said: “my name is Wandorf.” “I’m Carlos,” The boy answered still very scared. Before he could turn around, Wandorf stopped him and quietly said, “You are pretty brave to talk to a werewolf. “If you ever need me, Just let me know.” He winked but at the same time licked his lips. “I’m definitely not going to ask for his help any time soon!” Carlos thought. “I heard that!” The werewolf cried. “How?” Carlos asked. “I  can read minds. Werewolves are one of a few creatures that can read minds.” He did a wink again and showed his sharp teeth. He shuddered. Carlos got out of the water quickly once the werewolf swam away. He was out of breath from swimming. Another scaly, slimy, and black lake monster took a handful of dirt and poured it into the water.  The water turned to solid. “Why and how did he do that?” Carlos thought. The monster turned his head 90 degrees and saw him. It was about to attack when a three headed dog appeared. “Back off Gregar, This dinner is mine!” said the three headed dog. But the creature that turned the lake solid wasn’t going to give up. Frell, I saw him first. He’s mine! The three headed dog named Frell ran toward Carlos hoping to get him before Gregar could. Gregar ran towards Carlos as well. Carlos ran AWAY from the beasts but the giants were to fast for him. Gregar ran in front of him while Frell blocked behind. Frell picked up Carlos with his giant paws and put him on his back. “I won’t let Gregar get you. I’m saving you for dessert.” Gregar tackled Frell and Carlos fell into a river. He was carried down stream. The stream ended with a waterfall that looked like it went below ground level. A waterfall that took him underground! He struggled to swim to shore but thee rivers’ current was too strong. He rode down the waterfall screaming! “Will I live?” He thought. A giant bird-like monster swooped down and caught Carlos in its beak. The bird creature soared down the scout’s camp. He was back where he was in the first place. Though he was soaking wet and terrified. The monster that was told in the story jumped out of the ground.  A red liquid soured out of its jaws. Natalie was behind the monster. She had her hands tied together and she was trapped in a box. How many frights could he get in one day and one night?! “HELP!” Natalie cried. A boy named Christopher said, “Carlos! You distract the monster while I get Natalie.” Christopher wanted to help and the scouts followed what he did. They all tried to save Natalie. “This will add to that story about Natalie being attacked by the monster!” Said the scout leader, holding up a piece of paper and writing down everything the scouts did. When the monster saw the scouts saving Natalie it ran after them. The scouts sprinted back to their tents very scared. The leader kept writing it all down. Carlos saw something like a horse behind a tree. It had half human body. “A Centaur!” He ran towards the Centaur while the monster was guarding Natalie. “Hello sir, how may I help you?” The Centaur said, once Carlos came close. “We need your good luck to save a friend of ours!” Carlos answered. “You sound like a natural born hero to want to save someone,” commented the Centaur. “Thank you but we really need your help!” Carlos said calmly. The Centaur said, “I can see the future. You are a coward. You run away.” “No! I will not run and I WILL save her! But help is always good!” The Centaur didn’t believe that hero’s should have help. “You really need to save her alone,” He said. A werewolf told me that if I see a Centaur it should guide me. Wait a second, you talked to a werewolf? The Centaur asked in disbelief. “Yes, and he said you would help me.” “Again, I can see the future, the future says I won’t help you and it is impossible to change the future.” The Centaur argued. “Your good luck can at least help me TRY!” “Fine,” Answered the Centaur. “I will not help you but I will cast a good luck spell on you.” He raised his arms and tiny stars floated around his hand. Before Carlos could be granted good luck there was a giant roar and then a howl. The werewolf named Wandorf leaped on top of the Centaur. The next thing you know the Centaur was gone and Wandorf was famished from his recent meal. “I tricked you,” Said Wandorf. “I knew you would go towards any Centaur you found so I kept following you and now I got my meal of a life time.” He licked his lips and showed his teeth. Wandorf kept walking towards Carlos slowly. Carlos kept backing up. Wandorf jumped at him like a lion. Carlos ran to the right then kept running forward. Soon he was nowhere near Wandorf but the monster that kept Natalie captive was still in his way. The monster noticed him there. The creature obviously wanted to capture him like he did to Natalie. It held a big transparent box over its shoulder.  Well, this is the end for sure! Thought, Carlos.  The other vampire scouts weren’t being harmed. They were playing around with they’re new teeth while the leader watched Carlos behind a rock where he wasn’t seen. The monster threw the box on top of Carlos. He didn’t do a thing about it. He was frozen in shock.  Carlos’s heart started running. He suddenly threw the box off of himself. The monster started running towards him. Carlos became brave. He grabbed the box and used it as a shield. He picked up a stone right near his foot and hurled it at the scary creature. The creature backed up a couple steps. It works! While the Creature backed up the scouts freed Natalie while she was unguarded. Carlos threw more stones at the creature without thinking. He didn’t have the best aim. The stones never really hit the monster but it kept backing up every time they came near it and it finally ran away. “Interesting stuff to add to Natalie’s story,” said the scout leader still writing everything down. Carlos did the same as the monster. He ran away from the scouts. They all shouted at him and asked where he was going but he ignored them. He just wanted to get home where he was safe. Carlos ran almost 5 miles back home. He took about four hours but it was worth escaping the horrors in Midnight Forest! He was out of breath. Carlos ran into his front yard.  There were cardboard boxes everywhere.  Carlos wondered why as he walked inside.  He made his teeth look human so mom wouldn’t wonder what happened.  “Mom! What’s going on?”  Carlos yelled.  “We’re moving!” said mom smiling.  The whole room was empty.  “Where?” Carlos asked anxiously.  “Well too some place called Midnight Forest. I’ve always wanted to live in a forest!” Carlos stared in horror. “It’s not polite to stare honey,” Said mom. “Midnight Forest?” He asked. “That forest is Horrible!” “You know that place?” Mom wondered. “Yep, The scout troop went there yesterday. It is HAUNTED!” Carlos said hoping to change his Moms mind. “It is not haunted! and we are only moving there because your father has to search Midnight Forest for treasures.” Carlos’s Father is an archaeologist. Mom was being reasonable but she didn’t get what was going on here. “Mom, All Dad is going to find are monsters!” He argued. “The only monsters that exist are bratty little children like you Carlos, You have to get used to moving to different places.” As a matter of fact, they have to move to different places all the time because of his father’s job so Carlos is used to it its just Midnight Forest is the worst place to move. “Why are you packing in the night and why is it light outside if it’s the night anyway?” Asked Carlos deciding to give up on the argument.  “Silly you! Its morning!” Mom said happily.  “So the forest has a different time than home even though its only 5 miles away from here,” thought Carlos.  There was a loud noise outside then a truck pulled up in the driveway.  “That’s the mover’s truck!” Mom said excitedly.  She went outside and Carlos followed.  The movers put all the boxes in the truck then started to pull out. Carlos and his mom got in the movers truck in the back with all of the boxes.  “So, where are you moving?” asked the driver.  “Midnight forest,” replied mom. “There is no such thing as a place called Midnight Forest, The driver said. Mom looked confused but Carlos knew what was going on. It didn’t exist for many people. My son Carlos thinks there are monsters there but there is no such thing as monsters. Mom said. The driver did a dirty chuckle and said, “Aren’t kids so much trouble when it means going to new places. I mean really! Monsters!? Ha! No such thing!” “I heard everything you just said!” yelled Carlos in a bad mood. “Adults these days, I mean seriously!” When they got there, all they saw was a plain desert.  “I think we went the wrong way,” said mom.  “No this is the right place,” said Carlos who couldn’t believe that he was excited to be part of the forest as a monster.  He knew the forest wouldn’t be here until midnight and the fact that monsters are on they’re way here.  He also knew that he could change his watch to 12:00 then it would be 12:00 in the forest. It happened when his watch froze to 12:00. The time switched from 8:00 to 12:00 when the watch froze last time. “This ain’t look like no forest to me! The truck driver said. He glared at the desert that stretched out forever.  Carlos inconspicuously changed the hands on his watch to show 12:00 Midnight. The effects worked. The sky dropped immediately and the abundance of stars from outer space show above them. Carlos heard a deafening roar then the mover truck was lifted up carrying them in it!  The truck was thrown into the air.  Mom was screaming in panic while Carlos was having the time of his life laughing, smiling, and yelling stuff like, Yahoo! The truck started falling and it was almost like gods giant hand caught and saved them. They soon found out that what they called ‘Gods hand’ was a giant, purple, one eyed Cyclops looking at them through the truck window.  A whole group of Cyclops came and started to turn green and brown. It was almost like the Cyclops were going dormant. In a few minutes of staring at the giant ugly creatures for a moment like a movie, Carlos and his Mom found out that they transformed into trees. Mom was screaming the whole time but she was also entertained by these magnificent creatures. A whole pack of monsters came and transformed into animals and plants or trees.  Some more came but didn’t change into animals.  Carlos then knew that Midnight Forest was just a plain desert that every night every living plant or animal there is created by monsters that sleep in the night and transform as they sleep. As they moved into the haunted house that was formed from wood coming off of monster-made trees, a ghost welcomed them to the forest and made the mother a new vampire while Carlos explained to her how he was already a vampire. Mom was scared from everything that happened and was in horror after she was told Carlos was a vampire. Even Carlos was scared that he was now living in Midnight Forest but his vampire instincts and from what he has saw he started to like it. As months passed Carlos kept feeling more and more at home and then finally a year has passed and he now knows his haunted house as home!

The End


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