Find many Poems, riddles ‘n, rhymes! Some about days and nights and different times! Or some about lemon-limes? Some about the weirdest mimes, that hold a folder of many crimes! So read along! What could go wrong? These poems aren’t too long! So please visit and enjoy! Saying, Hi! Hello! Ahoy! I know I made these when I was only a kid but I’m not just a little boy! What do you think of that one? I bet it doesn’t make any sense but… Here are some good poems. I made most of them myself! Come back for even more soon! Bookmark this page and visit another day! So I can go out and play!



My love for you

This is my love for you,

I dearly love you yes it’s true,

And I hope you love me too,

This is my love,

carried on a white dove,

I love you so dearly,

do you love me as nearly?

My love for you is great,

There is no debate,

Our love will never be too late,

You are my only thought,

Because I love you even more than a lot.

Christopher Bonatis


The Smiling Cat

Once I saw a smiling cat,

His name was Chipitee Chat,

His teeth were nasty pink,

His eye forced a wink,

I noticed he held a hat.                               Christopher Bonatis


The Wise Old Dog

There once was a very old dog,

He played on a hollow log,

He laughed out loud                                              Christopher Bonatis

It’s very loud sound

When he met_a funny looking frog.


 Flower, Flower

Flower, flower,

big and bold,

In the Summer you grow, in the Winter you’re cold,

Flower, Flower,

started from a seed,

Sunlight and water is all you need,

Flower, Flower,

pounced on by a kitty,

But even then, you’re still colorful and pretty,

Flower, Flower,

All full grown,

growing in the grass field,

All alone.                                                                                         Christopher Bonatis


                                                             Snow Days

        Today’s a snow day,

Lets go out and play,

We can’t go to school,

Though not in the pool,

Outside, it’s cold,

With snow big and bold,

But it is not warm,

with bugs or a swarm,

But in some places it’s not snowing,

It is in the Montana,

Not in the Savannah,

So don’t mind the cold,

though it gets boring and old,

Because some places never have snow,

the temperatures never get low,

Florida never get’s it,

Not even a bit,

and what about Georgia, Texas,

or California?

It’s a snow day,

So be happy with what you’ve got,

Because there is tons of snow, I know it! a lot!

It’s a snow day!

have a lot of fun,

we don’t need the sun!                                             Christopher Bonatis



It’s all Summer fun!

Playing out in the sun,

Running on the lawn,

at the crack of dawn,

at the beach I eat ice cream,

dripping down my nose,

with water moving past my toes,

But now I lay in my chair,

I’m so tired that I start to dose.                             Christopher Bonatis


            JUMPING ALL DAY

I jump everywhere,

jumping without a care,

I jump while eating a pear,

I jump with the mayor,

I jump in space,

I jump in a race,

at oh, what a very fast pace,

with an untied shoe lace,

I jump and jump, what a lot of fun,

And you never know, maybe I’ll never be done,

I’ll jump to the moon,

I’ll bounce to the sun,

not just a boring old run,

I’ll jump, I’ll bounce, I’ll jump a ton,

like a crazy old loon,

in the afternoon,

hop, hop, hop

to the top,

oh boy! Will I ever stop?

Hopping around,

Just listen to the sound,




Jump, Jump, until I hit a tree stump!                              Christopher Bonatis



I’m relaxing on the beach,

eating a nice cold peach,

laying in the sun,

having so much fun,

trying to catch fish,

to put on my dish,

I go for a swim,

underwater, the light is dim,

lying on the beach,

throwing sand that I can reach,

drinking water with lemon lime,

Because It’s beach time!

                               Christopher Bonatis


This is my best one. I call it, ‘Dreams!’


Dreams are magic,

happy or tragic,

they are like a movie,

with songs very groovy,

that appear in your mind,

you close your eyes,

and your mind will give lies,

that all bind together to make dreams,

The lights turn on,

the movie leaves you,

and the dream is gone.

                     Christopher Bonatis



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