Advice To Kid Writers

Hello to all of those kids out there looking at this page right now! Do you want to be an author as an adult? Do you want to make a book but you don’t want to wait for years?  Remember these important steps!

  1.      Try your best! Don’t think you can’t make a good story. Just work the hardest you can and you might accomplish a very popular book! Take my word for it!
  2.          Don’t put it to a different day! Don’t decide to do it some other day! This may be hard on a kid, (I’m a kid but I like to write every minute of my life,) But try to use up all of your spare time! Or else you may be ten right now and finish in your late 30’s!
  3. Use your school vocabulary! Your teacher might use big words or they might teach you big vocabulary. Try to use every big word you know that your school teaches you!
  4.             Don’t rush! Authors spend years writing books and then checking over them about 100 times! Do your best! Take your time or you won’t get a good career as an author!
  5.            Try to live in an adult’s shoes! Meaning, pretend to be an adult! See through their eyes! Since adults are usually the ones writing books, you need to write like one.
  6. Check over your work! As mentioned before, Authors check over their story over and over and over! They spend years just to check over their story!
  7. Have fun in the making of your book! 
  8. Use correct grammar! Just because you are a kid doesn’t mean you can get away with making a lazy book! Spell everything right! Or, Write. Spell everything write! Get it? Anyway, Use the spell checker! Write in complete sentences! Spell every word right! If you can’t spell a word you want to use, either ask a parent or don’t use it.
  9. Use juicy words! That’s what my teacher used to call them. Juicy words! It means big words! Good words! Words that spice up your story! Make your story spicy with words! Like for example: Instead of saying happy, you could say, joy! Or instead of shiny, use polished!
  10. Use details! Describe everything! What does the item or place smell like? What does everything look like? What color? Is it really dirty? Is it shiny? Tell the reader what the character in the story hears! Describe if it is a he or she! Describe if they are old. Are they  babies? Are they toddlers? Are they teenagers? Are they adults? Are they retired? Where do they work at? Do they have a job? Describe everything that is in your mind. Vision the story in your mind. List everything that is happening!
  11. Use your imagination! 

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