The History Of The Blog

Hello! My name is Christopher.  I may be a bit young but I love writing so much! I wish to become an author as an adult.

Now, I used to love writing so much that I wrote in every single minute of free-time at school! And a lot at home! In fourth-grade I wrote stories then read them to the class! Everyone loved the stories! In fact, they loved them so much that they thought I will be famous as an author when I’m older. I don’t think so. But I’ll let you decide after reading some stories and a poems I made in the Stories and Poems pages.

Anyway, one day, I made a story with a partner, Katie. And Mrs. Kniel (Our fourth-grade teacher) loved it so much that she sent us to read it to all of the other fourth grade teachers, Katie’s first grade teacher, the librarian, and our principal! We got a six! which I think means it is even more than 100%! That inspired me to keep writing stories!

So then Mrs. Kniel started teaching us poetry. They loved my poems! They again started talking about how they thought I’d have fame. That inspired me even more! I loved poems so much!

So one day I read my poems to my Dad and he said they were very good! He added, “You could make a blog and write poems on there!” I went ahead and did poems, stories, and more on here. Just random writing things.

And that is the history of this blog! Keep reading more on here and visit later to find more! Tell your friends about this page! Put it on your favorites or bookmark it to read another day! Soon I will start letting people post their own stories and poems on here!


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